CSGO Source 2 engine new update 2020

Published: 31/Mar/2020   00:43

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  ported to the CSGO Source 2 engine in as little as two months, according to leak Information from various members of the game’s community.

CS:GO’s old Source engine has been kept the game incredibly simple, but at this time wears on, the FPS is hardly struggling to keep up same with more recently released competitors in CS . All games like Valor-ant have put Valve Corporation on notice, and things need to be spruiked up.

This engine updated to Source 2 Engine has been what players have called on Valve to introduce for 20+ years, and now, they might be getting their wishes and dreams.In a recent video , Valve News Network owner Tyler McVicker let to loose Source 2 was coming in as little as 2 months ⁠— give or take a few weeks for “Valve Time”. This was backed up by ‘Nors3’, who said ‘reliable source’ told him it’s coming.

whille the speculation might not come as a surprise to all players ⁠- after all, rumors have been circulating for few months, and even years ⁠- with more people coming forward with a release window in their mind, it might be actually become reality from imagination.Two months from now puts us directly after the originally planned all dates for the Rio Major in May, so the Source 2 update wouldn’t have disrupted any major tournaments if the window is to be believed.HAVE FUN

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