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Buy Valorant Accounts at Cheap Price

Valorant is a free to play competitive 5v5 First person shooter developed by Riot Games. Priorly known as Project A ,Valorant was posed as CS:GO killer.

Valorant is a bomb defusal game in which two teams clash in a map , where one team is supposed to plant the bomb (known as spike) while the other team uses its full force to stop that from happening.

Valorant has its own distinguishing features to make it feel fresh and new to players that are coming over from other games like CS:GO , Overwatch or Apex Legends.

Valorant provides you with precise gunplay which is fun to play but hard to master. Valorant is a very flexible game as it provides you with a roster of 16 agents all of whom have different abilities which suit different types of players. If you play aggressive you can play duelists who can flash,dash or dismiss out of a fight or you might want to play a more passive game in which case you can play agents who support the team like sage or omen.

As Valorant has set itself up to be a Competitive 5v5 shooter there are different types of game modes that can be played and all the game modes provide a different thrill and rush. If you want to play casually there is an unranked mode which is chill and made for having fun with friends while not caring about skill or strategies. Deathmatch is free for all game modes where you can practice your aim and can respawn instantly. But the main game mode of Valorant is Ranked

What is Valorant ranked?

Ranked is the game mode which tests your skill, aim, strategies and sets you up against players who are at your skill level.  It provides you with a rank that identifies your skill level. There are 8 ranks in total which are as follows: iron, bronze, silver, diamond, platinum, diamond, immortal, radiant.

Ranked provides you with a competitive atmosphere that is fun to play in.

But there are some problems which still persist in the ranked mode which we can help you get through if you use our services.

Valorant Ranked Accounts 

Valorant has a very big problem of requiring a lot of time to unlock the ranked mode on an account. To unlock Ranked mode you have to win 10 unrated matches to just unlock ranked which is very time-consuming for the players as every unrated match takes 30 to complete and if you lose a match then you have to play more to win and unlock ranked mode. If you want to unlock ranked mode as fast as you could ,the game will still require at least 5 hours of very sweaty gameplay to unlock a game mode.

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Valorant Smurf Accounts

The ranked mode in Valorant creates a very tense and tiring atmosphere for the player and causes a lot of stress. If a game goes bad your ranking and ratings are severely affected which causes a lot of stress to the player. 

This is where we (name of the site) come in if you are tired for fearing the loss of rating on your account and just want to play a chill ranked match or if you want to go for trick shots that you wouldn’t go for in a ranked match we can provide you with valorant smurf accounts which have ranked unlocked. If you want to buy a valorant smurf account we are your best bet. We can provide you with smurf accounts in your required region and you can use it to have fun in ranked and just not care about your rank going down or anything. Your gameplay will be better as you are under no pressure of performing  and will be able to play better and get better at the game

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