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These CSGO ranked accounts also known as GN Prime Accounts where these gold nova rank become after csgo silver rank. Gold Nova Ranked CSGO Group is the entrance of the csgo smurf journey. There you will get 4 types of Gold Nova CSGO Accounts from Gold Nova 1 Prime Account to Gold Nova Master Accounts (GN1 Prime Accounts to GNM Prime Accounts). In the CSGO world, 24% of CSGO players are Gold Nova Ranked.

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No one CSGO lover across the world wants to waste money in buying cs go ranked accounts from a steam store that is expensive. In the world, with many gaming service platforms and markets available, you must analyze the reviews and reputation of csgo accounts providers before buying any type of gaming account or service. Waytosmurf is the best leading and best platform to buy smurf accounts and has achieved a 100% level of trustworthiness amongst the csgo gaming community. We provide the best and perfect Prime Gold Nova Csgo ranked accounts that will provide you with a smooth and astonishing gaming experience.

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Waytosmurf offers to customers all the varieties of csgo ranked accounts including the Gold Nova Account. These accounts are very high demanded because it allows you to play with lower-ranked friends so that you can increase your competitive wins by playing with silvers.

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We provide you csgo smurf ranked with reliable csgo ranked accounts at economical rates. We deliver your account details instantly after the payment completion. You will get details directly to provided email address.