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CSGO accounts with a Gold Nova rank consists of 4 ranks in its category starting from Gold Nova 1 To Gold Nova 3 or GN1 to GN3 and lastly Gold Nova Master or GNM. People who are playing this game from time to time buy these accounts and newbies who have experience and have a good aim buy these accounts. People of this skill group have a normal level of IQ and a sufficient level of knowledge about the game mechanics, aim accuracy, and map knowledge such as location callouts and they also have a little knowledge of smoke throws and about proper utility knowledge. These accounts are also sold in a huge quantity, people of this skill group have normal levels of teamwork and which is not considered that huge of a deal. These csgo prime accounts are a bit more expensive than silver accounts because this rank has a bit more value in the cs go community. People who are willing to play the game for a year or two prefer to use this account and if in the future they like the game they either sell it or they use this account for further use.