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These csgo prime accounts can be defined by its rank or skill group title in this skill group players game sense, map knowledge, aim accuracy, utility usage, teamwork and any other thing that exist in every good player in csgo can be seen here because to win in this skill group the things mentioned above must be on point to win not only the game but in-game gunfights as well because if these things are inaccurate or off-point then it can be a troublesome issue for the player and the team itself as well. In this skill group, there are only 2 ranks which are Legendary Eagle or LE and Legendary Eagle Master or LEM, these ranks are above better ranks or you can say that these are categorized in the top high tier ranks because after LEM only Supreme Master First Class or SMFC and Global Elite or GE are the only achievable ranks and then you will reach the top tier of all the ranks. Waytosmurf site experience tells you that people who are playing more than 3 or 4 years and are very serious about csgo or playing in a team or those who are teaching csgo are the ones who buy these accounts because it is hard even for a DMG to play here in these