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Silver Ranked CSGO Accounts: 

The team of Waytosmurf knows the demand and needs of csgo smurf players and we fulfill the requirements of csgo. We offer a variety of CSGO Silvers Prime Smurf Accounts at a cheap rate. Silver prime accounts just made for smurfing and who are starting the new career in CSGO as well these accounts are useful and beneficial for both noob and expert players. Don’t need to be panic about the quality as we are one of the best csgo accounts sellers to provide quality and trusted CSGO Silver Ranked Accounts to players. Moreover, csgo smurf prime accounts on sale comprise a wide range to buy silver smurf accounts, boosted for the ranked and unranked experience.

Silver Prime Accounts:

These are the best CSGO Accounts for smurfing against the noob silver players and this is the first bracket of CSGO Matchmaking Ranks.
In Silver Ranked Competitive Matchmaking, you will have to play with noob players who just started a career in CSGO. We provide you every type and every Silver Ranked CSGO Accounts.

Types of CSGO Silvers Prime Account:

There is a wide range of Silver CSGO prime accounts. If we talk about just silvers csgo players, then the following are the accounts you can choose from our store:

Silver 1-Silver 2 Prime Accounts
Silver 3- Silver 4 Prime Accounts
Silver Elite Accounts
Silver Elite Master Accounts

Above all variants, Silver 1 is lower ranks as well Silver Elite Master is the highest-ranked account.

Why choose Waytosmurf?

Waytosmurf presenting the best csgo accounts on sale in the field for quite a long time and entirely familiar with the upcoming modes and updates of the gaming field. Therefore we are here with the best and high-quality services and reliable cs go ranked accounts for the csgo smurf players and lovers. Moreover, we have experienced and professional employees and teammates in our team who are majorly capable of facilitating you with the latest and updated features. So, buy csgo ranked accounts of your choice from us with the best and cheapest services.