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What is CSGO

Since the 1990s, Counter-Strike has become the most popular fps game, with popular releases such as cs1.6 and cs source. On August 21, 2012, counter-strike released the iconic CS: GO, or counter-strike global offensive. The game runs on the Source engine and can be played by Steam. It has a sophisticated anti-cheat scheme called vac that punishes dishonest players harshly. There were millions of involved participants in the CSGO network, which is distributed over more than 100 countries. The game’s atmosphere is constantly evolving, thanks to Over-watch and prime matchmaking competitive lobbies. Players will have a greater gameplay experience with the new map and skins, and with the CS: GO ranks matching system, it will be easier to find a match because players with similar level classes, whether they are silvers or global elites, will find a match with similar abilities and ranks in CSGO. The game is quickly changing and is available for free on Steam, allowing more fans to enjoy it.

Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are pitted against each other in the CSGO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive) game. The teams are given targets, each with its own set of goals. Terrorists must either detonate the bomb or defend the hostages, while counter-terrorists must either prevent the bomb from being detonated, defuse the bomb, or save the hostages. Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Gun Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scotsman, Danger Zone, and Firearms Course are among the nine game modes available.

The game is played in two modes: ranked and unranked. Players with any experience in the game are assigned rankings based on their success in a Ranked account. The player on an Unranked account has no rating and is just playing for pleasure. To play the game, you must purchase CSGO Prime Accounts or CSGO Accounts from various websites at various prices. However, WayToSmurf offers the cheapest and best deals, helping you to save a lot of money.

Where Can I Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts ?

In the gaming industry there are a lot of websites to Purchase CS:GO Smurf Prime Accounts or CSGO prime Accounts, These accounts are exorbitantly priced or of poor quality. If you want a decent deal on a high-quality account, is the place to go.
Cheap CSGO Accounts are available from WayToSmurf, and All come with the highest rank group. We are promising that your smurf account will operate 100 percent of the time, or your money will be refunded. During the holiday season, we also offer substantial discounts.

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There is over 100 option to select from on the web, and customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can buy every type of account with different ranks, and you don’t have to think about the protection aspect, and it’s also very simple to use.

CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Accounts on sale where you can play the matches in the prime matchmaking pool while you are ranked in matchmaking. These account prime are linked to your mobile number and Steam has been verified your profile using OTP after reaching private rank 21. If you are not able to verify the steam account or you got any issue , you can always buy csgo prime ranked account from us. We provide the best prime accounts CSGO at cheap rates so that you don’t feel panic/bad to buy csgo accounts.  

CSGO Non Prime Accounts

CSGO Non-Prime Accounts follow the below private rank 21 and the special thing of CS GO Non Prime Accounts is that all accounts have the high trust factor and 10-20 wins ranging private rank from 4 to 21. Most hackers buy csgo non-prime ranked accounts for rage, spin, walls, and aimbot. All Non-Prime Accounts will have no cool-downs and temporary bans. There are a lot of players for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and we don’t want to lose your interest in matchmaking due to hackers come by low trust factor. Non Prime CSGO Accounts have the less cost than CS GO Prime Accounts, This is the amazing rate that you are getting Non Prime Ranked Accounts from 1.99$. We offer CSGO Accounts with different ranks according to noob and smurf players. There are lot of players for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and we don’t want to lose your interest in matchmaking due to hackers come by low trust factor.

CSGO Loyalty Badge Accounts

Loyalty Badge is extra collectible item. Loyalty badge shows loyal membership in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community prior to the Danger Zone update in 2019. You don’t need to be 2019 player in CSGO , You can claim or buy CSGO Loyalty Badge Accounts. Valve is offering no more loyalty badge in CSGO. Loyalty Badge is exclusive badge and players can show it on profile like other badges, coins or medals. Another good factor is that these loyalty badge csgo accounts have high trust factor.

CSGO Veteran Coin Accounts

To claim CSGO veteran coin of 5 & 10 year, you need to be old player more than 10 years and at least one of the version of counter strike, you have been played . If your account is in good standing, you’ll get the coveted coin the next time you log in to CS:GO. You need an account of 5-10 years of veteran coin, but you haven’t had a steam account for a long time. Don’t be concerned! We’ve got your back. You can now buy CSGO 5-10 Years Coin Accounts for a low price.


CSGO Service Medal Accounts

CSGO Service Medal Accounts also known as CSGO Mid Tier Accounts. These accounts will have 2019 service medal , 2020 service medal or 2021 service medal and sometime we offer you these service medal accounts with extra collectible items like coins and badges. Service Medal Awarded to those CSGO players who reached at private rank 40 during the same year. You can upgrade  color of service medal and level by reaching private rank 40 . You can display the service medal in the competitive matches and valve improving the graphics of medals year by year and 2021 service medal looks fantastic and awesome.


CSGO High Tier Accounts

CSGO High Tier Accounts have multiple medals, coins and badges. These CSGO High Tier Prime Accounts have 100+ wins and 300 to 5000 hours. You can look the high tier csgo accounts in category. These service medal csgo accounts are high demanded in gaming industry. High Tier accounts are most valuable because the contribution of medal, coins and matchmaking wins is very high. These accounts have extra items, games and high steam level from long years.


CSGO Accounts With High Trust Factor

CSGO Smurf players always like to play in a matchmaking pool with prime status. Some of you need to Buy Global Elite Accounts or SMFC Prime Accounts if you are not able to play with your rank means you are getting derank continuously. Most of csgo smurf players have to buy csgo prime status accounts and csgo ranked accounts. They want to play with smurf players in the higher skill matchmaking pool. Prime Accounts will help you to play in prime matchmaking if you have wasted your paining hours and days. Sometimes you may be losing a lot of matches because of Wallers, spin botters, and aim botters in the csgo official server against you, or since it is impossible to win against cheaters, another side you will need to end up match by losing and it may go to de-rank in matchmaking. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most popular FPP multiplayer and shooting game in this generation. Counter-Strike takes you to spend for many hours getting bore. All csgo players high-performance gaming pc to play this game because to play this game needs high requirements. There are 18 skills ranks in competitive matchmaking. CSGO has many types of official matchmaking servers – casual match, death-match, competitive match, arms race, and community servers where players get a rich experience of skills towards matchmaking.

You Should Know More About WayToSmurf

We are WayToSmurf, We are the best and legit marketplace to  provides all type of csgo smurf accounts at cheap and fair rates. All CSGO smurf accounts have high trust factor and high ranked from silver rank to global elite rank. We have high wins, high hours, service medal accounts, special coins account, and with extraordinary items. On our site all csgo service medal accounts have a high trust factor with coins , badges, high steam levels and commends. Some products will be delivered in 24-hours due to the covid-19.  We focus only on customer’s requirements and needs that we can fulfill on expectations, we never disappoint our customers/clients in delivering of csgo accounts. WayToSmurf also provide you valorant ranked accounts with many regions – North America, Europe, Asia and SEA Region. You can buy profile valorant accounts categories.

How Can I Unlock Overwatch In CSGO?

To unlock the Overwatch in CSGO, you will need to be an active gamer in CSGO matchmaking.  Valve “Investigators” will come to check the matchmaking on the basis of competitive match wins, hours played, Skill group with ranks, account age , low report count and with many other factors. if it goes to apply, then Overwatch will be taken into your steam account so their may be chances to receive more cases in matchmaking.

Valorant Accounts

Valorant is first person multiplayer shooing game like counter strike global offensive and this game launched in 2019 with closed beta version by Riot Games. You can buy valorant ranked accounts with NA Region, EU Region and SEA Region. These accounts have ranks – Unrated, Iron, Bronze Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Rank with high wins.

How To Get CS:GO Prime For Free?

To upgrade csgo account into prime status , you need to play csgo competitive for almost 10 weeks because you can get only 10000-13000 xp per week and after 5000 xp , profile level increase. If you have lots of time , play like smurf and win every competitive matches for 10 weeks. After that you will be needed link the steam account with phone number to enable prime status.


As we all know, once players hit PR2 and obtain some experience, they will begin playing against other players in friendly matches with minimal cash and money, enabling them to enjoy the true gaming experience. They will see their current position and skills thanks to the CSGO Ranking System, and they can see how they progress as they gain more experience and win more games. While this scheme is beneficial to beginners, it is inconvenient for seasoned players since pr2 players get a Cool-down after every two wins before they hit ten wins and receive their first rating, which is difficult to achieve when you can lose to cheaters and smurfs.

The easiest way to have your preferred CS: GO Rankings is to buy CSGO Smurf Accounts or CSGO Ranked Accounts. This helps you to compete alongside your mates who have different rank groups. makes ranking in CSGO easy. With our instant distribution of smurf and prime accounts and round-the-clock live chat service, we inspire players all over the world by allowing them to select their preferred rank when playing on match-making (mm) servers. If you have your login information, you can download Counter-Strike on your tablet and play online right away.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) was the first game in the Counter-Strike series to be released. It started off as a basic game that people played to pass the time. The game grew in popularity as a result of some of its features, and many people began to play it. New maps, characters, and weapons are included. As the public’s interest rose, further models were released, each with additional features such as dust, nuke, inferno, train, and so on. Furthermore, the inclusion of modes such as Gun Race, Wingman, and Flying Scotsman piqued players’ interest in the game. Furthermore, the platform delivered something new 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the game’s level of popularity and activity has never waned. Anything that happens in the game was crystal clear, and fans would be able to see it in real time or save and watch it with a variety of replays. And plenty of excitement and laughter at all times, the time will be well spent, even though it is just for a few hours. With such fantastic reasons, the CS: GO game takes a respectable spot. All of this adds up to a good argument for people to love the game.

The number of people who play video games is increasing. This provides a wonderful gameplay atmosphere, as well as appealing graph opportunities for internal and external mechanisms. Both of these factors contribute to a growth in the number of participating players in the league. The number of participants who participate in the game varies from year to year. According to a survey conducted in April 2016, 850,485 people used the account; in December 2015, the figure was 823,694; in August 2015, it was 819,902; in January 2017, it was 814,616; and in November 2015, it was 786,707. There is also offline training for bots for one particular game mode, regardless of how many people play the game.

Many pages for CS: GO Smurf are being created as people’s interest in playing the game continues to grow. One of the most notable and must-mentioned sites among these is My Own Rank. The platform, which is a modern update of the CS: GO Ranked Accounts, has over 500 checked feedbacks and has served over 40000 users. When you log in, you’ll see that there are over 150 choices to pick from. You can also email us with any questions and we have outstanding customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, any game rank such as silver, gold nova, master guardian, legendary eagles, and SMFC can be purchased.


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