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CSGO Smurf players always like to play in a matchmaking pool with prime status. Some of you need to Buy Global Elite Accounts or SMFC Prime Accounts if you are not able to play with your rank means you are getting derank continuously. Most of csgo smurf players have to buy csgo prime status accounts and csgo ranked accounts. They want to play with smurf players in the higher skill matchmaking pool. Prime Accounts will help you to play in prime matchmaking if you have wasted your paining hours and days. Sometimes you may be losing a lot of matches because of wallers, spin botters, and aim botters in the csgo official server against you, or since it is impossible to win against cheaters, another side you will need to end up match by losing and it may go to de-rank in matchmaking. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most popular FPP multiplayer and shooting game in this generation. Counter-Strike takes you to spend for many hours getting bore. All csgo players high-performance gaming pc to play this game because to play this game needs high requirements. There are 18 skills ranks in competitive matchmaking. CSGO has many types of official matchmaking servers – casual match, death-match, competitive match, arms race, and community servers where players get a rich experience of skills towards matchmaking.

How Can I Unlock Overwatch In CSGO?

To unlock the Overwatch in CSGO, you will need to be an active gamer in CSGO matchmaking.  Valve “Investigators” will come to check the matchmaking on the basis of competitive match wins, hours played, Skill group with ranks, account age , low report count and with many other factors. if it goes to apply, then Overwatch will be taken into your steam account so their may be chances to receive more cases in matchmaking.

You should Know More About WayToSmurf

We are WayToSmurf, We are the best and legit marketplace to  provides all type of csgo smurf accounts at cheap and fair rates. All CSGO smurf accounts have high trust factor and high ranked from silver rank to global elite rank. We have high wins, high hours, service medal accounts, special coins account, and with extraordinary items. On our site all csgo service medal accounts have a high trust factor with coins , badges, high steam levels and commends. Some products will be delivered in 24-hours due to the covid-19.  We focus only on customer’s requirements and needs that we can fulfill on expectations, we never disappoint our customers/clients in delivering of csgo accounts.

CSGO Prime Accounts?

CSGO Prime Accounts on sale where you can play the matches in the prime matchmaking pool while you are ranked in matchmaking. These account prime are linked to your mobile number and Steam has been verified your profile using OTP after reaching private rank 21 (PR 21). If you are not able to verify the steam account or you got any issue , you can always buy csgo prime ranked account from us. We provide the best prime accounts CSGO at cheap rates so that you don’t feel panic/bad to buy csgo accounts.  

Customer Reviews

Excellent service, received my account instantly. Really trust worthy and the account is with  green trust factor and overwatch enabled.

Kirstin Everton / Customer

I bought an account from this website and I got it instantly on my email, really good marketplace, they have on discord.Have a good day!

Mike Lloyd / Customer

Best CSGO Marketplace that they delivered high tier smurf account in just minutes.

Andy Guscott / Customer

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