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Waytosmurf Trustpilot

Excellent service, received my account instantly. Really trust worthy and the account is with  green trust factor and overwatch enabled.

Alex Cooper

I bought an account from this website and I got it instantly on my email, really good marketplace, they have on discord. Have a good day!

Mickey Yoyo

Best CSGO Marketplace that they delivered high tier smurf account in just minutes.

Andy Guscott


Frequently Asked Questions

What details I will get after purchasing the account?

You will get the following details:
– Steam Username
– Steam Password
– Email Address
– Email Password

What type of payment gateways are available to checkout?

You can checkout with your Credit/Debit Card. If you have PayPal and PayOP, we accept g2a wallet codes, you can buy from here :

How will I get the account details?

You will get the account details instantly to your billing email address after confirmation of the payment of the account. Delivery method is automated and manual both, It depends on the nature of product.

Why do we need to buy Prime CSGO Accounts?

Prime status enabled account is worth beacuse you will be matched with prime players in competitive match. You will get exclusive offers, item drop and more.

Why I can't add friends in steam account?

You can’t add friends in your steam account due to the restriction. To remove this restriction, you will need to add funds in the steam account. After adding fund, your account will be market enabled too. Minimum 5 dollars are required to deposit, you can use wallet codes or credit/debit card to make unrestricted your account.

Can I get repalcement if I recieve different account?

You will get the replacenent instantly, you just need to contact at Live Chat Support.

Is Prime status permanent?

Yes, but you don’t need to buy prime status from steam store because we provide Ranked CSGO Prime Accounts in cheap rates with green trust factor.

Do you sell legit CSGO Accounts?

We sell every type of CSGO Acconts with high trusted factor. All accounts are boosted manually without using of third party software.

How Can I Unlock Overwatch In CSGO?

To enable overwatch in CSGO, you need to be an active member in community. You can be choosen as “Invesitgator” on the basis of CSGO Hours, Wins and Skills Group. Or you must win atleast 150+ matches in competitive.

Can I get Cheapest CSGO Account from here?

Definately, you will get CSGO Account in cheap and exonomical price rather than other smurf websites. We have wide range of accounts with coins, medals badges and many more.

Can I upgrade my prime status in free CSGO?

After new update in June 2021, valve has disabled thefeatures of XP, item drops, ranks and skill group towards the matchamking. You can’t increase private rank without buying a prime status.

What types of CSGO Accounts are available in stock?

You can buy CSGO Account from the various category of Prime CSGO Account, CSGO High Tier Prime Accounts, CSGO Service Medal Accounts, High Steam Level CSGO Accounts, Faceit Accounts, and many more.

How can I rank up in competitive matches?

There is no harder way to rank up, you just need to play with 5 players lobby because you will get the same or higher ranked opponents. Focus on win streak and get ranked up easily.

How can I increase the trust factor in CSGO matchmaking?

For increasing the trust factor, you need to be positive member towards the matchmaking and stop doing team kills, griefing, getting kick etc. These are the factors of low trust factor.

CSGO Commends increase the trust factor?

Yes, csgo commends increase the trust factor and we provide the tonnes of commends for every csgo player.

How to avoid 100% hackers in CSGO matchmaking?

Faceit and SoStronk are the best CSGO Gaming platform. You can buy faceit enabled accounts from our store.

Where I can buy CSGO Accounts?

In the gaming industry, you will go to many smurf website but they all provide with low trust factor and higher prices.Don’t be panic, you are at the right places to get amazing offers and discounts on various products.

How do you get high trust factor in CS GO?

We have wide range of csgo accounts with high trust factor. All CSGO Ranked Accounts played with legit players and no third party software used. We have many booster to open the ranks from silver elite to global elite. You can buy owerwatch enabled accounts that allow you to ban the hackers.

What is CSGO?

CSGO, which is also known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive worldwide, is a First-Person Shooter Competitive eSports video game. Counter-Strike was first officially released on November 8, 2000, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released on August 21, 2012, which was the fourth version of the game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive was more interesting than other Counter-Strike Games because Counter-Strike Global Offensive introduced new competitive matchmaking with the ranking system which means that you will be assigned to the following rank or skill group according to your skills in the game. The game has 18 skill groups from Silver 1 to Global Elite. You have to play and win 10 matches in competitive matchmaking after which you will be assigned a rank according to your game skills. The game also introduced new game modes like war games, retakes, danger zone, and wingman which are pretty interesting to play as well and it also introduced a new amazing weapon skins system which allowed players to purchase skins from the store or community market and equip those skins according to their preference and taste which made a hype in the eSports gaming industry and made the game huge success. Counter-Strike franchise is one of the most widely played and enjoyed games yet to date. The game also introduced an item drop feature which allowed players to play the game and earn XP Points and after reaching a new private rank level, the players will get an item drop which can be any weapon case or weapon skins which players can either sell or equip or maybe unbox any crates they get. The game has unique features which are either new or totally different from the previous games in the counter-strike series, this is the reason which makes the game unique and it is played around the globe widely.

Where Can I Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Important Question! We can see that there are lots of smurf websites to provide csgo smurf accounts. But what matters? Quality of account and prices – we are better than others, just compare our rates. If you want an amazing deal then waytosmurf is the best place to buy csgo smurf ranked accounts. We also provide substantial discounts and offers during the holiday season. Interesting Fact! You will get csgo account with green high trust factor or else if you get any account with a low trust factor, you will be refunded instantly. That’s a reason, smurfs like to buy from us.

Why I Should Purchase CSGO Accounts From WayToSmurf?

Waytosmurf, We launched in 2019, August with a biggest csgo marketplace and since 2019, we have sold more than 5000 products with positive Trustpilot reviews. We always maintain good customer relationships and players love to purchase CSGO Accounts from our store. We are associated with CSGOStation from last one year. Beside from the trustpilot reviews, we are reviewed and verified by EpicNPC and Facebook. On our store, you will find wide range of accounts with various categories. You don’t need to go anywhere to look cheapest csgo accounts because our accounts starting from lowest prices. Waytosmurf is the trusted gaming platform with secured payment gateways that protect from thirf party attacks or services. Your billing information always remain confidential.

Benefits of buying CSGO Accounts from WayToSmurf Store:

  • Cheap & Affordable Prices
  • 24X7 Live Chat Support
  • Instant Automated Delivery
  • High Trust Factor & Legit Accounts
  • Wide Range of All CSGO Accounts

Valorant Accounts

The field of 5v5 competitive shooters was left completely barren for nearly 8 years with Counter Strike : Global Offensive reigning as king. For the first time in 8 years CS:GO was being approached by a promising challenger by the developers of League of Legends ,Riot Games and this challenger came to be known as Valorant. Valorant has turned into a great success and is currently one of the most played games. You can buy valorant ranked accounts with NA Region, EU Region, and SEA Region. These accounts have ranks – Unrated, Iron, Bronze Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Rank with high wins.

CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime is a feature that enables your account to get exclusive benefits like items drop, XPs, Ranks, Skill groups, and more. To enable your CSGO account in prime, you need to buy prime status from the steam store. There is no free path to make it prime because you will never get XP to boost private rank. After a new update by Valve corporation, they disabled this feature because it was dealing as bad actors to hurt the experience of new and existing players. Before this update, every player could boost his/her account by reaching profile rank 21 because there was a feature of XP which boost the profile rank. After reaching PR21, you needed to add a phone number to enable the prime status by verification of the number. But unfortunately, valve corp. stopped this due to limitless vertigo boosting. 

Benefits of Buying CSGO Prime Accounts:

You can buy prime csgo accounts from store with different rank, main benefit is that you don’t need to go for profile rank 2 to start matchmaking neither you need to wait for 5 days with cooldown. Also can’t say that what rank you will get in matchmaking pool.

  • Varieties Of Ranked Prime Accounts
  • High Level Matchmaking
  • Find Matches with Legit Players
  • Exclusive Items Drops
  • Access To All CSGO Community Servers

CSGO Non Prime Accounts

CSGO Non Prime accounts doesm’t have purchased prime status from steam store (steam offering in 14.99$). These accounts are fresh and you can’t get item drops, XP and Ranks. You can just and have fun. There are lots of hackers, wallers and spinners. We provide non prime fresh accounts with unique username and players can buy prime status from store. This is an amazing factor that we proive non prime accounts high hours and matchmaking ready with no cooldowns and bans.

CSGO Loyalty Badge Accounts

After December 2018 danzer zone update, All csgo accounts upgraded by prime status. These accounts got a new extraordinary collectible badge known as loyalty badge. Players can be matched with only prime players in matchmaking. CSGO accounts divided in two parts: Prime & Non Prime. Prime status became as paid feature. 

CSGO Veteran Coin Accounts

Veteran Coin CSGO Accounts are rare in present time. Because you need to be oldest player from 5 to 10+ years to claim the veteran coins. Also you have been played atleat any one series/version of counter strike. If you want to play with veteran coin and want to show your interest and loyalty in the csgo community, you can buy from the store. These accounts include 5-10 year coins and played 0 hours as fresh account.
CSGO Service Medal Accounts
CSGO service medal accounts are those accounts which come with a pre-activated prime status and a csgo service medal. Valve introduced service medals in csgo These prime csgo service medal accounts can contain from 1 single medal to more than 5 or 6 medals. A service medal in any csgo prime accounts or csgo smurf prime accounts can be achieved by reaching private rank level 40 by playing the game within a specific time given within a year. A service medal of 2020 can only be achieved or obtained in the year 2020 but after the year 2020 is passed and year 2021 begins then you can only obtain year 2021 service. If you reach level 40 again then the colour of the service medal will shift to green and if you reach level 40 then that csgo service medal will turn to colour blue, if you again reach level 40 within a single year the colour of that medal changes to purple, if you reach level 40 for the 4th time after obtaining csgo service medal then it will change to pink colour and lastly which is very difficult if your csgo medal account reaches level 40 for the 5th time in a single year it will turn to red which is very difficult to reach that particular level as it can turn out hard for anyone who is an average player and because of these tiers and service medals in csgo, the worth of any account increases, csgo basic prime accounts that do not contain any csgo service medal are cheap but csgo prime service medal accounts or csgo surf service medal accounts can be a bit more pricey than normal prime csgo accounts due to the souvenirs they contain. Many people prefer to buy csgo service medal accounts or to buy csgo smurf prime service medal accounts so they can hold on to a souvenir which can motivate them to get along with the game and to play the game itself much more to improve and achieve the highest tiers of thats ouviners and so they can improve in the game itself as well.

What are High Tier CSGO Accounts?
High Tier CSGO Accountsare those csgo accounts which contain csgo service medals, cs go operation coin, csgo loyalty badges, and other csgo souvenirs. These csgo high tier prime accounts have a good amount of playtime which exceeds 1,000 hours at least and it has been assigned to a high skill group rank which is either Distinguished Master Guardian or Legendary Eagle to Supreme Master First Class or Global Elite Ranks. It comes with an overwatch feature enabled. As they come along with souvenirs they are expensive because service medals, operation coins, loyalty badges, and veteran coins add up the value to any cs go prime account. These csgo VIP accounts items include service medals, which can be equipped after reaching level 40 within a specific time period in a year to achieve a service medal for the following year. It includes operation coins, which are obtained within a specific csgo event that Valve releases yearly or with a year gap, these events have specific missions to complete and anyone who participates in these operation events can obtain specific rewards such as exclusive skins, cases, graffiti or stickers which can only be achieved within that specific event and anyone who attends the event also gets a specific coin for that specific operation event, For example, from operation payback to the latest operation broken fang players who participated in those events have achieved a specific coin for that specific operation, these operation coins have four tiers which go from bronze to silver then gold to diamond and diamond operation coins adds up the most value among the other coins. These CSGO high steam level accounts also include veteran coins which anyone who has an account that is either 5 years or 10 years old can achieve these 2 released veteran coins yet, the 5-year veteran coin and the 10-year veteran coin which basically indicates other players that how long have you been in the community of steam or how old your steam account is, and these coins surprisingly increases the worth of a csgo account. It can also include a loyalty badge which was given to the players who bought CSGO before it went free to play or you can say before the danger zone update. These badges are no longer able to be achieved or collected anymore because they were an exclusive souvenir that was given to the players who bought the game and after the update, anyone trying to buy the prie status anymore will not get him the loyalty badge. It comes with an overwatch feature enabled as well, which is a system developed by Valve to ban hackers and help the community clean from hackers to unlock overwatch your minimum rank must be Gold Nova 1, and below this rank, you can not unlock the overwatch feature and it also requires 150 wins so you have enough experience to tell if someone is either hacker or not so an innocent player can not be banned due to your judgment. Unlocking this feature can also raise the value of your account because this feature gives XP points as you solve more overwatch cases. This was a detailed explanation of the souvenirs which come along with any csgo high-tier smurf accounts.

Operation Coin Accounts:

These accounts come with operation coins which are achieved by buying operation passes. Operations are special event in csgo and you can participate in it if you buy an operation pass. Operations were first introduced in the game on August 25, 2013 and it was a success after that operation bravo, operation phoenix, operation breakout, operation vanguard, operation bloodhound, operation wildfire, operation hydra, operation shattered web and the latest operation broken fang, these all were a success and they came with different coins with different colours and designs and if someone participated in those operation then they achieved a coin which is specified to it’s each operation with its 4 tiers which are bronze, silver, gold and lastly diamond. These Coins also increases the worth of a account making them special accounts with special souvenirs in them.

CSGO Accounts With High Trust Factor

High Trust Factor accounts are those accounts that come along with a green trust factor. Trust Factor is a system that helps the game to identify and manage those players who are suspicious of using third-party software like cheats or if they are reported for using any sort of third-party software. The trust factor has 3 levels which go from Red Trust Factor, Yellow Trust Factor, and lastly Green Trust Factor, these levels help the game and other players in the lobby to identify whether or not the following player is cheating. Red trust factor level or 1st level means that the person is highly suspicious that he might be using some sort of software to cheat the game and his competitive matches can be submitted to overwatch cases, Yellow Trust Factor level or 2nd level means that the person might or might not be using any sort of software or he can be falsely reported by other players in the community and finally Green Trust Factor or 3rd level of trust factor means that the following player is playing fair or clean and has less to none reports against him and that he is commended by the community for being a good player. Accounts that come with green trust factor help the players to experience matchmaking with very less number of hackers meaning that they can find single to none hackers in their matchmaking experience, these things help you if you buy a high trust factor account which will greatly help you to avoid hackers.

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