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Get CSGO VIP Prime accounts that come with the highest wins, hours, and badges/coins/medals for the lowest cost and with the instant transfer. Celebrity Accounts are High-Tier Prime Accounts that have greater features.

A lot of them are popular and adored by fans of csgo around the world. The VIP accounts are accompanied by coins that are awarded upon the achievement of a goal or being an element of an operation. The coins are displayed in the game besides the player’s name when clicking on the coin’s inventory, which makes our beloved customers content and happy. Our VIP accounts include numerous coins such as Phoenix, Breakout, Vanguard, Bloodhound, Wildfire, Hydra, Shattered Web, Broken Fang. The VIP Csgo accounts also come with 100% veteran coins that make our customers proud and satisfied.

Five-Year Veteran Coin: the five-year veteran coin is given to players who were part of the Counter-Strike community for more than five years. The 10-year Veteran Coin is given to players who have been a part of the Counter-Strike community for more than 10 years. In addition, VIP accounts with csgo include a variety of medals to demonstrate the passion and dedication of the Csgo fan towards earning various types of service medals over the years. The service medal is in 2015 and is active until this moment. A few of the medals are upgrade multiple times, that show the commitment of our players to the Csgo’s community. When you unlock the 2015 Service Medal level 1, achieve the Rank 40 and then reset the Rank in 2015 to double, that makes it more important. VIP csgo accounts also come with trophies that help to make your accounts look nice and appealing. Some of the awards are mentioned to be Cologne 2014 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Cologne 2015 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Columbus 2016 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Atlanta 2017 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Boston 2018 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Katowice 2019 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy, Berlin 2019 Pick’Em Challenge Trophy. The VIP Csgo account comes with pins, which makes it more appealing for our customers and draw some interest from its matchmaking lobby.

Quality Service and features at affordable cost:

The  VIP prime csgo accounts we offer to our community of gamers has the best quality and reasonable prices which means that everyone is able to try our prime VIP csgo accounts for a single time. Our VIP csgo accounts have an unclean vac status as well as a green trust factor, which prevents players from playing against hackers. The accounts are completely secure with any third-party programs used(hack) and are ready for Faceit and other platforms online.