What Servers Used In Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

There are 2 kinds of server systems that are used in Counter-Strike Global Offensive which are: 1. 64 Tick Servers2. 128 Tick ServersThese are the only 2 sorts of servers used in csgo, they are used in community servers, eSports tournaments, competitive match-making, War games, Casual, Deathmatch, and every other server or mode you can possibly think of, and they are used in offline mode as well. Both have their Pros and Cons and both […]

How to surf in CSGO?

Surfing in CSGO can be difficult for those who do not know how it is done. There are two things involved in CSGO surfing which are: Strafing Turning Strafing: A and D are the keys to begin your left and right moments for strafing and mouse for correct movement adjustment. Movement keys are used inversely in strafing, for example, if you are strafing to the Left then the movement key D will be used and […]

How can I do Bunnyhop in CSGO:

You need to enter script – sv_cheats 1 in the console. It allows you to enter the cheats, after this you need to enter the following commands:sv_autobunnyhopping 1;sv_enablebunnyhopping 1;sv_staminalandcost 0 or sv_staminajumpcost 0sv_maxspeed 1000; FAQ: 1. Where I can do Bunnyhop in CS:GO?You can do bunnyhop in CSGO community servers. This is only allowed on the custom polygons. If you are playing with enabling BHOP, this can be considered as cheating and cause of the […]

How to show FPS in CSGO?

How to show FPS in CSGO?

The following steps will guide you that how can you view FPS in CSGO. First, go to options. Then click on the game and go to the game tab. Then enable the developer’s console (~). After enabling console, press (~) and type “net_graph 1” Now you can see a box with information indicating your FPS, Net packet loss, Game version, etc. This is how you can enable FPS Viewer / Indicator and this is how […]

Regional Major Rankings

Q. Minors will be held for November Rio Major?A. No Minors will be held in the November. Regional Major Ranking will be depend on the participated 24 teams in Major league. There is no way to qualify for teams directly to the league. Q. What is the Minor prize pool?A. Valve will be sponsoring the May and Fall RMR League. There will be total prize pool of $255,000 and will be divided on the basis […]

CSGO Broken Fang Update

What is Operation Broken Fang? Operation Broken Fang is the ultimate subscription for those who enjoy competitive CS: GO gameplay. With the operation broken gang subscription, users not only get access to new maps and all new re-takes; they also get access to Broken Fang Premier; which provides a tonne of updated features to the competitive mode that everyone knows and loves. You can Buy Broken Fang Coin CSGO Accounts from our shop with good […]

CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire | CSGO Empire Coins | CSGO Empire Free Case And Code

CSGO Empire is the best gambling/betting platform where you can do betting with your steam items or steam skins. CSGOEmpire was launched in 2016 and they have hosted well over 5 million registered players. How To Do Bet On CSGO Empire? This is a simple process. Just deposit your account with skins, cryptocurrencies, and cash/money. After depositing the items/skins you will receive the CSGOEmpire Coins. You can use the coins into roulette and match predication/betting How […]

CSGO Stash

CSGO Stash | CSGO Stash Items | CSGO Stash Skins | CSGOStash.com

CSGO Stash is the platform where you can find the CSGO Items details like float value , wear of csgo skins , prices on CSGO Stash. There are different types of categories of CSGO Items – Pistols Rifles SMGs Heavy Knives Cases Collections Stickers Other Gloves Agents Agent Patches Half-Life: Alyx Patch Pack CS:GO Patch Pack Music Kits  Masterminds Music Kit Box Radicals Box Collectable Pins Half-Life: Alyx Collectible Pins Series 2 You can find […]

Why Dota 2 Items Are Now On Hold

Dota 2 items are now on hold because indian and pakistani traders were using dota items as money to buying and selling steam accounts and most biggest prediction website vpgame was using csgo and data items for predictions and betting so the steam users stopped to buying and selling the in-game items on steam market and 15% as tax of steam not getting the proper money from users that’s why they hold the data items […]

How to become smurf in CSGO? – It’s really not hard as you think

How to become smurf in CSGO? - It's really not hard as you think

When you are ranked Silver first time you play matchmaking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some smurfs players laugh on Ranked Silver on a regular basis, and the pro players also watch Silver matches just for entertainment, but it is not easy to rank up for silvers. No one wants to play in the CSGO Silver Rank Match-making pool and its not easy task to rank up from silver to gold nova ranks. You can blame […]

CSGO Best Skin Trading Websites

best csgo skins websites

There are many sites to trade and buy csgo skins where some sites scam csgo players with thier steam accounts so we are providing the legit websites :- 1 . cs.money 2. csgoempire 3. csgofast 4. tradeit.gg 5. loot.farm

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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

We are WayToSmurf, We are leading in global gaming who provides all type of csgo accounts at cheap and discount rates. All CSGO smurf accounts are user friendly and high ranked from silver rank to global elite rank. We have high hours, service medal accounts, Coins Account, and multiple extraordinary items, on our site all csgo accounts have a high trust factor with commends ( good friend, good teacher, good leader). Some products are to […]

CSGO High Tier Accounts

CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that has many types of csgo high tier accounts with coins , medals , badge and many more. Buy csgo accounts from WayToSmurf allows all the prime players to enjoy the matchmaking (MM) system. The thing that makes this matchmaking tool so interesting  that take guarantee these players to enjoy a face off with other committed prime status users of provided buy csgo account From Waytosmurf csgo is undoubted  top rated online multiplayer game […]

What are CS GO Ranks?

CSGO Ranks

CSGO Ranks? All CSGO players start their careers with silver csgo rank to the global elite. There are 3 pools of csgo ranks system . one is low cs go ranks where all silver-ranked players play matchmaking with other silver-ranked opponents. The second is the mid-tier pool where all gold nova and master guardian players are being matched. The third is a high-tier skill group where all smurf players play csgo mm. When you buy […]

How to get prime in CS:GO

How to get prime

Counter-Strike before it became free-to-play from December 6, 2019, If you have any non-prime account that became to prime. But, if you want to activate prime status on your csgo account, you have to link a phone number to activate Prime. Your Prime status are registered to your phone number. You can use your phone number on multiple steam accounts as Steam Instructions If you have not buy prime status in CSGO , you have to […]

What is CSGO Prime Status?

What are CSGO Prime Status?

Prime is a reserved status for CSGO players who bought CSGO  or by reaching profile rank 21 or above. Those csgo players with Prime status are lucky to receive exclusive benefits as cases and skins. WayToSmurf is only one way where you can get prime accounts at 9.99$ all ranked prime and smurf prime accounts are available at cheapest rate

CSGO Latest Update

CSGO New Update

CSGO New Update WEOPONS SG553 – Reduced rate of fire and accuracy to bring the weapon’s value to be more in line with other rifles.AUG – Improved standing accuracy while unscoped. Slightly reduced scoped accuracy.M4A1-S – Price reduced to $2900. Deagle – Improved accuracy while jumping, lowering the time to recover accuracy after the player lands. Tec-9 – Reduced firing inaccuracy. Bizon – Increased armor penetration. MISC1. Compressed several textures for less memory consumption.2. Silenced auto-vocalizations by bots during […]