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Buy CSGO Smurf Prime Account

We provide you the best CSGO Prime Accounts with all CSGO competitive ranks. You can get prime status directly through the steam store worth 15$ as a fresh account. Waytosmurf has many varieties of CSGO Ranked Accounts. CSGO Accounts that have the private rank 21, are able to get prime status in CSGO with phone verification. You get weekly boost with the highest XP but you have to play for 10 months to get prime if you are not able to purchase.

So Waytosmurf provides you all types of CSGO Smurf Accounts, starting range is 6.99$ to 19.99$. We have all ranked and smurf players to boost for Buy CSGO Accounts. Those players who want to stand in their skill group and getting deranked by some matchmaking with cheaters, you can Buy High Trust Factor CSGO Accounts to enjoy your matches.

Why You Should Buy CSGO Accounts?

  • You can get CSGO Prime Status Accounts at economical Prices.
  • We have trusted sellers and boosters and sold 2000+ accounts since 2019.
  • We provide all CSGO Prime Ranked Accounts from Silver to Global Elite.
  • Secure, easy payments with PayPal & Crypto Currencies (BTC & ETH).

Prime Accounts are economical and affordable

The prime account you are going to buy from our store are economical, save your time, and gives you a rich experience.

Benefits of prime accounts

⦁ Saves your money, time, and energy with no tension.
⦁ Get matchmaking with your skilled rank in competitive.
⦁ Best acceleration in CSGO career.
⦁ Get skins and weapons in weekly boost with drops.
⦁ Prevent you from the fewer hackers and cheaters in matchmaking.