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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game observed by many as the leading pinnacle Of Competitive Gaming throughout its years. It is enjoyed by many people of every age. Even though it is enjoyed by many there are still some players who are always there to ruin your gameplay, whether it’s a hacker, griefer, Spin Botters when you start playing CSGO you are always matched up with them in your Non-Prime game, then you are teamed up with players who always let down the fun and competitive aspect of the game.

All the CSGo Prime accounts for sale have had their ranks unlocked and give you the option to select the rank from our website that you believe will make you at the top of the scoreboard, always.

Waytosmurf also provides low-ranked Smurf Accounts to always keep you at the advantage of the game and make you demolish your enemies and catch the eye of your teammates as you show your skills to the whole team.

To Buy CSGO prime accounts, you simply need to select the product that you want to purchase. You can also purchase multiple prodcuts at a time. And pay with either of the following payment methods:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptocurrency

After you have completed the payment successfully. You will be delivered the steam account information with the email address that you would have provided to us.

We bring you the guarantee of delivering your products fast. And with payment methods so simple you will never be confused in your decisions on buying accounts from our site.


Playing on CSGO Prime always brings in the benefit for you in every aspect, there is no downside in playing prime, and the intense game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is enjoyed in a fun way.

These are the specifications of steam csgo prime accounts:

  • NO False Vac Ban Alert
  • NO False Game Ban Alert
  • NO Steam Alert
  • NO revocation
  • NO False Credentials

The type of players that you find in prime matchmaking is not your average trollers or griefers that you typically find in non-prime lobbies. But they always tend to play as a true team which will also bring real fun to every game that you play. These types of players will also be a journey for you in succeeding to reaching the maximum skill group that you can acquire in CSGO.

Prime players can also enjoy easily rank up to earn service medals which you can showcase on your account and show to your in-game friends. Being a prime exclusive player also provides you exclusive in-game drops from special souvenir collections which range in different price ranges and accustom your in-game skin showcase and help in the growth of the worth of your inventory.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of Rage hackers and Griefers filled into its non-prime lobbies. So why not buy CSGO Prime ranked account today? And enjoy the fun and thrill of playing in a premium in-game environment filled with competitive thrill and excitement to always show your powerplays on awesome maps, so what are you waiting for? GLHF!