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The European (EU) gaming arena has consistently dominated the professional landscape of First-Person Shooter games, establishing its supremacy in titles like Counter-Strike 1.6, Global Offensive, Halo, Apex Legends, and more.

Recognizing the profound impact of the EU gaming community, Riot Games understood the crucial importance of establishing Valorant as a respected and promising brand in the professional gaming scene. To solidify its position, Valorant was strategically launched just after the conclusion of major CS tournaments. This move aimed to entice CS professionals to transition their skills and passion to Valorant, effectively making it Valorant’s own competitive rival.

However, Valorant’s inaugural tournament faced a significant challenge. Due to regional restrictions, particularly in North America (NA), the tournament’s potential was hindered. The region-locked nature of Valorant’s tournaments meant that teams from NA were unable to compete against their EU counterparts. This ongoing issue impacted players who wanted to engage with friends from different geographical areas.

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