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Buy CSGO Medal Accounts

We provide the best CSGO Service Medal Accounts with a lot of Coins, Medals, Badges, High Wins, And High Hours. All Service Medal CSGO Accounts have high trust factor. When compared with normal accounts, Our CSGO Accounts With Medal hold a lot more value.

CSGO Service Medal Accounts

Service medal accounts provide you with Accounts that contain various service medals with the best experience of prime matchmaking functionality with the accounts, these accounts are also known as mid-tier accounts. These accounts are not only cheaper than high tier accounts but provide you with a decent amount of

Service Medals to your account are acquired for the specific year when you have reached Global Rank 40 On your Steam account on CSGO. Each rank requires you to earn 5000Xp to level up a single rank. That means that you have to earn 200,000 XP points to unlock your medal. That will take a lot of effort. But overall, it is a very tiring and hard job to reach Level 40 Which takes countless hours, and furthermore, when you start earning more XP by playing matches, your earned XP reward starts to decrease. That is why we have provided you with cheap CSGO service medal accounts with the ease of providing service medals from desired years. You can choose between either single medal accounts or have yourself an account for multiple medals.

CSGO Prime accounts with medals provide you accounts that are equipped with certain service medals that can help you showcase the time that you have put into this game and help you compete with others in the competitive world of CSGO. Service medal accounts show your devotion to the game.

Service medal accounts for CSGO are available from us at very affordable prices, we provide you the prices that are ideal and are never heavy on your wallet. Our prices guarantee you a budget-friendly experience when it comes to CSGO Accounts. This is all possible because we believe everyone has the right to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without any hassle of a hacker in your enemy team.

When you buy CSGO service medal accounts from us, we always provide you with accounts that have high green trust factors. Which is a key role when it comes to matchmaking as it provides you an experience of teaming up with higher trust factor players in your lobby. This typically means that there is less chance for you to play against any type of hackers in your lobby

CSGO Service medal accounts are provided with your desired medals, ranging from 2015 Service Medals to 2021 Service medals. We also provide you to buy CSGO service medal accounts with desired medal ranks. This means simply that we provide accounts with medals that are upgraded to different colors. These medals with higher levels not only just provide color to the medal but also catch the eye of different players of the CSGO community. Showing how much time and effort you have put into the accounts.

Our CSGO prime accounts with medals are provided to you with service medals but are also provided with higher XP ranks so that when you are trying to either upgrade your current medal or acquiring a new medal it will not be a much of hesitation or hassle when you try to unlock it, as half of the work would have already been done for you.

Our accounts also come with CSGO Loyalty badges to show your loyalty towards Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a game that has been dominating the FPS genre for years. A CSGO Loyalty badge also provides you exclusive

CSGO Service medal accounts are provided with prime functionality. Which makes you queue up with prime exclusive players and provide the best competitive experience of CSGO. Accounts are given to you with unlocked ranks that are available at desired choices so that you can grind your way to the top. Our accounts also have full functionality to all steam features so that you are not left behind with the latest functions provided by steam.

You can always buy CSGO service medal accounts from our site without having the hesitation of a Game Ban or VAC Ban as we thoroughly check our accounts and provide you with the best quality accounts for your experience in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. So, what are you waiting for? Get your High-Level Prime CSGO service medal account and enjoy the ease of Prime matchmaking with high trust factors.