How to Buy an Account from WayToSmurf?
  • Select the product(s) you want to purchase. You can purchase multiple product at the same time during the checkout.
  • Select PayPal to pay with Credit Card, Debit Card.
  • We will deliver product instantly to your provided email on the checkout time so make sure when you’re purchasing you should give a valid email address. After payment process is done check into your email spam/junk box as all products are delivered instantly.
What do I get with product?

     You get:

  •  Steam Account with CS: GO added in it
  • Email connected with Steam Account ( to get steam verification code and guard code)

    You will get all these details by email.

What payment methods are available?
  • Our payment gateway is powered by PayPal.
How much time will it take for the account to get delivered?
  • Instant Delivery on all ordered products. So even if we’re offline you will get the steam account details in your email soon after you have paid.
How do I get the account?
  • Your account details will be sent to your email address that you give us , at checkout page. Also you can find them in the “My Account” page on the website , if you created an account on this site before placed any order.
How to make the account secure after buying it?

    Follow the following steps:

  • Change Steam Connected E-Mail address.
  • Change Steam Password.
  • Enable Steam Guard.
  • Add a Phone Number with Country Code. (Optional, highly recommended)

   You have successfully secured your newly bought account.
   All the above mentioned steps are explained in detail below questions.

How to change Steam contact email address?

    Follow these steps to change Steam Connected e-mail Address:

  • In Steam client, in the top left corner click on Steam and go to Settings -> Change E-mail Address.
  • Now it will ask to send a verification code to the current connected steam email address which we have given you the steam details.
  • Log in to the email on which we provided you and get the steam verification code.
  • After putting the steam verification code it will ask for new email address and then enter new email address and send a code on it too.
  • Login to your email to get the steam email address change request code, After putting the code in  specified field in steam then you have successfully changed the steam contact email address for your newly purchased account.


How to change Steam Account password?

   Follow these steps to change Steam account password –

  • On Steam client, on the top left corner to click on Steam and go to Settings > Change password.
  • This will send a steam verification code on your email address.
  • Enter the code in the specified field by getting code from your email.
  • Enter the new password.

  You have successfully changed the steam password of your newly purchased Smurf Account.

How to get steam guard code while logging in?
  • Along the steam username and password, We’ve provided you details with an email. Login in the email to get the steam guard code.
How to add mobile number to the steam account ?

     Follow simple steps to add mobile number to your Steam account”

  • In the steam client and on the Right top corner, click on your Steam Username.
  • Click on Account Details – in the drop down menu.
  • Navigate to Contact Info _> Add a phone number.
  • Input your phone number with country code and press next.
  • You will receive a SMS Text Code on your mobile phone.
  • Enter code in the specified field and confirm.

   You have successfully added a Phone Number to your newly purchased Smurf       Account.

How to remove family view from steam account ?

    Its rarely happens that customers receive an Account with Family PIN Enabled        but its mostly disabled

    Follow these simple steps to disable Family View Mode:

  • In Steam Client , click on the Green Family View Button next to the steam username on top right corner.
  • Enter the provided Family PIN by us. The button will turn in red color.
  • Click on your Steam Account Username.
  • Click on Steam Account Details.
  • Navigate to Family Settings and Click on Disable Family View Mode.
  • Confirm your action once more.

   You have successfully disabled Family View Mode in your Smurf Account.

Why can’t I add friends on this account?

Answer. The vast majority of our accounts are created from game purchase in steam account until rank. This means that they’re brand new steam accounts.We don’t add the required $5.00 to the steam wallet to unlock all the features of the steam account. You’ll have to add $5.00 to the steam wallet to lift the standard steam limitation. This is steam procedure that we have nothing to do with.

 You can remove these limitations by the following methods-

  • Adding the equivalent of $5 USD or more value to your Steam Wallet.
  • Purchasing game(s) that value $5.00 USD or more than , from Steam store.

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