How to become smurf in CSGO? – It’s really not hard as you think

How to become smurf in CSGO? - It's really not hard as you think

When you are ranked Silver first time you play matchmaking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some smurfs players laugh on Ranked Silver on a regular basis, and the pro players also watch Silver matches just for entertainment, but it is not easy to rank up for silvers. No one wants to play in the CSGO Silver Rank Match-making pool and its not easy task to rank up from silver to gold nova ranks. You can blame on bad players or on bad teammates because of their noob gameplay and they not help you to out from silver matchmaking, but really, there’s only a reason you will find yourself in Silver – you have not performed like a pro player and you are still in silver matchmaking pool, Don’t Worry! waytosmurf has some tips to become pro, and it’s not really as you think about it. Just practice with your aim and focus on game sense and predictability and daily practice on workshop maps and play on community server where you can get some learning