Major things you should know before buying CS2 Accounts?

People who have been playing the game for a while have knowledge about their cs2 prime accounts and how much value does their accounts have in the market. If they are willing to sell it then they know how much they have to list it for and how much they will get for it. There is the following list of a few things that must be looked through before buying a cs2 gold nova prime account so that scams and problems within an account can be avoided and you don’t have to face any sort of problems with the account after purchasing it. The following problems are listed below

  1. Rating of a marketplace
  2. Details of the account
  3. Price of an account

Ratings of marketplace

Before buying or listing any order of buying any account, you must look for the ratings of any marketplace you will either buy or sell your account to, these things matter because it can help you decide whether the buyer is trusted or not and so you can look that how many and what reviews or feedback have other people or customers of that dealer has written for them. It can help you be safe from any sort of scams that can happen.

Details of the account.

After buying or while dealing with a dealer ask for the cs2 account details and verify if the details he told about the accounts are accurate or not like medals, coins, email details, proofs for revoking, etc. These things can also help in staying safe from scams that can get your account VAC banned or revoked after buying a cs2 LEM prime account. The following details should be verified as a must because later on those details can be manipulated or can be changed by a dealer to scam you after you pay for the account and you can get scammed this way so always verify the details of an account you have paid or paying for to check whether those details are accurate or complete or not.

Price of an account.

If a dealer has a high rating and he’s providing complete and accurate details of a prime cs2 account then the third thing to check and verify is the price. The price of only prime accounts without any souvenirs like medals, operation coins, loyalty badge, veteran coins must be cheap compared to other high tier cs2 prime accounts and prime cs2 accounts that contains souvenirs like medal and coins and loyalty badges are a bit more to a lot more expensive than cheap prime accounts because they have more value due to badges and medals so you have to be careful that people aren’t selling you basic prime for the price of a high tier prime account.

Once this list of things are fulfilled and checked and are verified then it is quite easy and safe for you to purchase any cs2 prime account or any other high-tier account from any trusted dealer like waytosmurf.