Yes, you can sell your csgo account if it is prime at least, or if it has service medals, operation coins, loyalty badge etc.then the value of a csgo account increases.

No, smurfing is not allowed officially by valve but many people say that it is not allowed and others say it is impossible to stop but yet it is not revealed either is it restricted or allowed.

Yes, you can buy csgo prime accounts which come with an activated prime status or you can also buy prime status yourself by the valve store from the in-game menu in CSGO.

It is not illegal but steam said they do not prefer purchase or selling of an steam account and if you lost an purchased account then you can get access only after you provide these proofs (CD-Keys, Wallet Codes or Gift card codes or any visa or master credit or debit card used) for steam account’s ownership.

Yes, csgo account selling is forbidden by valve and it is prohibited by terms and conditions as well and anyone found buying or selling accounts will be banned permanently by valve

No you cannot get banned for buying a steam account from a third party website but you can get banned for using any third-party softwares or anything illegal such as carding.

No, CSGO is not dead but its player base has been decreased since2017 but after operation shattered web and broken fang it is regaining its player base.

CSGO requires 15 gb of free hard disk space means 15,360MB of space in any hard disk to install the game and people prefer more space than 15 gb as for the future in-game updates.

Yes, boosting in csgo is prohibited by valve and any player who is found out boosting accounts will be permanently banned.

Yes, csgo is free-to-play on steam you can download it and play it but to play prime matchmaking or enjoy more features you must have to buy prime status which costs 14.99$.

Steam doesn’t allow or deny smurfing officially itself but people say that it should not be allowed for anyone to smurf as new players get demotivated and denominated by elite players who are smurfing.

The procedure for creating a smurf account on csgo is similar to making any new account for csgo, Sign up at steam, download csgo, purchase prime status or acsgo account instead and you are ready to go.

Yes ,Steam is a free to download gaming platform where you can sign up and download games but you have to purchase games, if they are paid or you can download free-to-play games and enjoy them.

No, you can not sell games once you have purchased them although you can refund a game if you have 2 hours of playtime and if you bought it within the last 14 days otherwise they are not eligible to be refunded.

CSGO requires a integrated or any graphics card with 256mb of video memory and which supports directx 9 and anything below these requirements will either provide trouble while playing the game or will not run the game at all.

Library becomes unavailable or gets locked when the original owner of the account is playing a game from the library from his own account or if any other member of the account who has shared access to the library is playing a game then the library again becomes unavailable to use.

Yes you can share a steam account with family members by using the steam family sharing feature which allows you to share your account with your family members and friends.

You can not transfer the games in actuality but you can share those games via Steam Family sharing from one account to another account.

Yes you can share steam accounts by Steam Family sharing. You need to authorise it from steam settings and after you did that then anyone whom you shared your account with can later on use it.

Yes , even in 2021 Counter-Strike is a pretty popular game and many people around the globe seem to enjoy it till date since it was released.

Yes, you can run CSGO on the 32 bit version of windows and it works just as it works on 64 bit version of windows.

Valve Corporation is the company that developed Counter-Strike and released it on 08 November 2000 first time on the market and Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released on 21st August 2012.
You can install the game simply by downloading steam afterwards you need to sign up and create an account at steam then you are ready to install counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is free-to-download and free-to-play but you have to purchase it’s prime status enabled csgo accounts to fully enjoy the game which will cost 16.99$.

Any player who has a secondary account with a prime status activated on that account is known as a smurf account and the player who uses that account is called a smurf in CSGO.

You can do this by simply resetting the password of the account or by going to account details section then go to manage steam guard and by the end of the page click on deauthorize all devices and then anyone in the steam account will be kicked out.

players smurf when they are bored playing in the same skill group or if they want to dominate lower ranks then players in csgo start smurfing.