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Eu (Europe area) is always a force to reckon with on the scene of professionals in all First-Person Shooters games to be released. Eu has taken over the Pro scene in a variety of games such as Counterstrike 1.6 Global offensive, halo Apex legends, and many more.

In consideration of the impact that The impact of the EU area on Europe’s world of professional gaming, Riot Games knew that if they want their brand new FPS to be a success in the Pro scene, they would be required to establish their position as a respected brand with a promising future. Valorant was launched at the right time after they noticed that CS tournaments were over, they created Valorant’s own CS rival to bring professionals from CS across to Valorant.

In this regard, the very first tournament of Valorant wasn’t a great success since it was restricted in NA(North America) due to the fact that Valorant is a region-locked tournament as a result of which teams from NA could not play teams from the EU. This issue has been a constant issue since the beginning when players couldn’t play with their friends that reside in different areas.

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