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CSGO Empire is the best gambling/betting platform where you can do betting with your steam items or steam skins. CSGOEmpire was launched in 2016 and they have hosted well over 5 million registered players. In the following lines, waytosmurf site will give you a valuable information about how to bet and how to withdraw bitcoin.

How To Do Bet On CSGO Empire?

  • This is a simple process.
  • Just deposit your account with skins, cryptocurrencies, and cash/money.
  • After depositing the items/skins you will receive the CSGOEmpire Coins.
  • You can use the coins into roulette and match predication/betting

How To Withdraw Bitcoin?

  • To withdraw the Ethereum, just click on the “Withdraw” button.
  • Select Ethereum from the provided options.
  • Enter the Ethereum address where you want to receive.
  • Click on the “Request Withdraw” button.
  • Ethereum withdrawals are sent successfully.

CSGO Empire Promo Code

Use our free code waytosmurf which gives you free skin worth 0.5$ to 125$ depending on how lucky you are on CSGOEmpire.

To activate the code please go directly to

Click on “Free Case” tab, enter the code – “waytosmurf”

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