CSGO Broken Fang Update

What is Operation Broken Fang?

Operation Broken Fang is the ultimate subscription for those who enjoy competitive CS: GO gameplay. With the operation broken gang subscription, users not only get access to new maps and all new re-takes; they also get access to Broken Fang Premier; which provides a tonne of broken fang update, features to the competitive mode that everyone knows and loves. You can Buy Broken Fang Coin CSGO Accounts from our shop with good steam level accounts

With Broken Fang Premier, the matchmaking system has been taken to a new level. From the opening screen, all users in the match are presented options of which maps they want to play, maps to exclude, as well as a veto map option when the game is completed. This allows for the ultimate experience as you can continue to lobby with the same individuals and continue to play the maps you want to play instead of the game-deciding for you.

 In addition to the more versatile matching system, Broken Fang Premier takes steps to improve the way the statistics are recorded during the game. Typically, we see kills deaths and assists, but the new scoreboard now shows the damage inflicted for each individual; which is an excellent tool to observe as kills/deaths don’t always tell the full picture and allows for an individual to have a clearer idea if they’re contributing on a round-by-round basis. Throughout the game Broken Fang Update. In addition to the added flexibility in matchmaking,  Broken Fang Premier has also added a play-by-play feature during the rounds of a match. Basically this indicated your team’s win chances based on what is happened in the round; this takes in account kills, damage, whether the bomb has been planted and other factors.  This is a great feature for users to get an idea if they’re playing high winning percentage counter-strike; if always in a low winning chances positions it is clear that the individual/team needs to reflect on their strategy.

With Broken Fang Premier there are also improvements post-game.  The stat-tracking has improved significantly, giving users the abilities to view their statistics over their past 90 days; indicating total matches played, wins, average damage per round, kills to death ratio etc… This advanced stat-tracking also shows individual weapon statistics as well as heat maps, which allows users to learn which weapons and which areas in a map they are strong in, as well as find rooms for improvements in the weaker areas.

Finally, with Broken Fang Premier each individual will receive a weekly mission card. These weekly missions do not have to be done in order, but when they are completed it allows one to earn stars in casual, competitive, danger zone, guardian, and retakes. This provides a platform for users to compete and compare amongst other users who have Broken Fang Premier; the higher the stars.